Welcome to Farm Shop Pizzeria ☀️

Farm Shop Pizzeria was established at the behest of Miss Trudie Styler and Sting in July 2021 with the design by Paul Arnetoli and direction by Claudia Van Zon.

We welcome friends and clients, from April to October, in a magical place in the green Tuscan countryside. Our Pizzeria with Kitchen and Wine Bar has only outdoor tables to appreciate at all times the spectacle of nature that surrounds us and that is also found on the plate! 

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Pizzeria with Kitchen and Wine Bar

Farm Shop is a Pizzeria with Kitchen and Wine Bar, our menu is made with the freshest raw materials and ingredients, most of which come from local farms. We try to respect the seasonality of the materials and therefore favor seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Our pizza is Neapolitan style but with an all-Tuscan flavor! The kitchen offers delicious Tuscan specialties and is directed by Gianna Torricelli.

At the Wine Bar you will be able to find tastings of all of Tenuta il Palagio's wines, from the iconic "Message in a Bottle" to the red "When We Dance," as well as delicious cocktails made with local raw materials.

Where We Are

Farm Shop Pizzeria is within walking distance of the estate of Villa Il Palagio, the private home of Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, a favorite retreat for their friends and growing family, available as a luxury event venue and custom vacation destination.

A bucolic and charming setting in the green Tuscan countryside stretches all around our outdoor tables.

Address: via S. Martino Altoreggi, 50063 Figline and Incisa Valdarno FI

We are waiting for you under the Tuscan sun ☀️